High Priority Items:

Downstairs bathroom window

Downstairs bathroom (scope of work to be determined)

Trim hedges and other shrubbery

Paint/repair gutters

Screen door Mary's room

Fireplace hearth repair

Revise lighting Jane's room

Replace small LR window SW

Upstairs BR curtains (Janice)

Replace refrigerator (Dave, Jenn), move cabinets

Medium Priority Items:

Old trash garage (revise use?)

Paint Jane's room

Paint Louise's room

Boat repairs (kayaks, dinghy)

De-Clutter south end of attic

Repair garage door (hinges, upper latches)

Lower Priority Items (and/or further discussion pending):

Power wash deck
Tropitone furniture
Deck fence replacement
Living room blinds
?  Replace round coffee table

     Suki's room roof leak
     New floor varnish

2019 Project List (draft)