High Priority Items:

Downstairs bathroom window

Downstairs bathroom (scope of work to be determined)

Trim hedges and other shrubbery

Paint/repair gutters

Screen door Mary's room

Fireplace hearth repair

Revise lighting Jane's room

Replace small LR window SW

Upstairs BR curtains (Janice)

Medium Priority Items:

Old trash garage (revise use?)

Paint Jane's room

Paint Louise's room

Boat repairs (kayaks, dinghy)

De-Clutter south end of attic

Repair garage door (hinges, upper latches)

Lower Priority Items (and/or further discussion pending):

Power wash deck
Tropitone furniture
Deck fence replacement
Living room blinds
?  Replace round coffee table

     Suki's room roof leak
     New floor varnish

2019 Project List (draft)