The Porter House
Guest Information Manual

Welcome! to the Porter family vacation home since 1910. Please tell us about your week. It's a family tradition that everyone who visits writes in the log book... you'll find it on the living room mantel. Have a relaxing and fun-filled week!

To make your stay as wonderful as possible and just as nice for the family members or friends who follow you, please observe the house rules and regulations listed in this book. You'll find lots of other information and safety guidelines here too.
If, after reading through this, you still have questions about anything, please call one of the Porter House Board Members. We're always on deck to answer any of your questions or concerns.

Porter House Board Members

Barbara Angle:       203-453-6065 (h),     203-376-0406 (cell)
David Bahnson:     802-773-4143 (h),     802 236 3544 (cell)
Wayne Wilkins:     781-784-4094 (h),     401-447-3326 (cell)



1.    PLEASE… NO SMOKING inside the house. Use ashtrays outside, on the deck and on the beach.  PLEASE DON'T LEAVE BUTTS ON THE BEACH!

2.    If you build a fire in the fireplace, make sure the flue is open and the fire screen is in front of the fire at all times. Leave ashes in the fireplace after the fire is out. Replace any wood you use. If you use the house in the cooler months, please try to bring some firewood from home to help keep us stocked.
3.    Use care when cooking, both inside and outside. Make sure the stove and oven is off at night.   Always grill downwind and make sure all grill fires are completely out when finished cooking. If you use the gas grill, please be sure the gas is turned off at the tank when you're finished cooking.

4.    Fire extinguishers are located in the kitchen broom closet and upstairs in the linen closet in the hall. We test the smoke detectors and put new batteries in at the beginning of each season, but if you find them disconnected for any reason (maybe someone burned something while cooking and pulled the battery so it wouldn't keep going off) please make sure to reconnect them and test them to make sure they're working. (They are hard-wired, but need batteries installed as backup.)



There is no long-distance service for outgoing calls on the house phone. The only way to place long-distance calls on the house phone is either by using your own or a prepaid calling card or by reversing the charges (i.e. Collect Calls.) We encourage you to use your own cellphone. Prepaid calling cards are readily available at local stores should your cell reception be too weak here.

Much of Cape Cod is considered long-distance, and some areas require 10-digit dialing even though they are considered local calls. It's confusing and has changed frequently, so we suggest you refer to the local phone book for local vs. long-distance calling area questions, or just use your cellphone for all calls.


We have plenty of hot water, but a limited capacity septic tank. Outside showers are encouraged because the water doesn't flow into the septic tank. And, in an effort to reduce impact on the septic tank, please note and heed our bathroom rhyme: "In these lovely isles of sun and fun, we never flush for Number One." It may be silly, but it really helps… especially for large groups!!


Please park your cars on the side of the house by the living room facing the water. You can squeeze 4 or 5 cars in there, but just be careful not to block the road for our neighbors. While you unload your car, it's OK to park briefly on the lawn by the front door (leaving room for the Keeler's cars next door.) We prefer not to park cars here as it kills the grass and the septic tank is directly underneath your car. Please do not park across the street by the garage without receiving prior approval from the garage owner, our neighbor Nicky Sherwood.


If you need linens, towels, or bathmats, there are plenty in the linen closet in the second floor hall. Blankets are in the big chest in the hall next to the linen closet. If you use any of the linens, you must wash, neatly fold, and return all linens to the marked shelves in the linen closet. Use the Laundry Center (next to Tedeschi's Market on Trowbridge Rd. by the Bourne Bridge Rotary) to wash and dry the linens.

It may be simpler and easier to bring your own linens from home!


Please replace, as needed, the house staples. These include:

Paper goods (paper towels, toilet paper, napkins)
Salt & Pepper
Coffee & Tea
Kitchen trash bags

In the spirit of our family partnership, please replace anything you break, at your expenses. If there is a question, please call a Board member.


Trash collection is on Wednesday, usually at the crack of dawn, so remember to put your trash out at the curb on Tuesday night. Double bag shellfish remains. It's best to secure trash barrel lids with large rocks or cinder blocks on top (some are usually found under the bushes by the curb) because we have critters.

Recyclables go in the large blue recycling bin which is placed out with the trash for Wednesday pick-up. Bourne now uses a "zero sort" process, but please follow the "Bourne Recycling Information" on the next page and posted on the bulletin board.

If you have a lot of recyclables after Wednesday, please be kind to the family following you and either take them home with you or take them directly to the Bourne Recycling Center before you leave. Directions are included below. You may need to "talk your way in" if you don't have enormous amounts of recycling, by claiming that you are one of many families that use our house and therefore don't have access to the permit. (We would prefer to have our permit available to anyone who uses the house, but the town insists on affixing the permits themselves to one car only, so we can't share it.)
Directions to the Bourne Landfill & Recycling Center

Turn right on Shore Rd. and turn left onto Beach St. in Monument Beach (just before Cumberland Farms.) Beach St. turns into Clay Pond Rd. when you cross County Rd. Continue on Clay Pond Rd. to Rt. 28 South, just past Grand Union entrance. As soon as you get on Rt. 28 South, immediately get into the left lane.  In ¼ mile, take the U-turn back onto Rt. 28 North, and in 1¼ miles turn right into the Bourne Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility. Hours of operation are posted on Recycling Center Information sheet.



Market Basket - Sandwich
The nearest supermarket on this side of the canal is the Market Basket in Sandwich. Go to the Bourne rotary, and drive "across" the rotary to stay on this side of the canal.  Just before the Sagamore bridge turn right as if you are taking Route 6 East but then take an immediate left to access the Market Basket parking lot.

Cumberland Farms
Sundries can be found at Cumberland Farms in Monument Beach. Turn right on Shore Rd. and go ¼ mi. into Monument Beach. Can't miss it.

Gray Gables Market
Sundries, Dunkin Donuts, deli and beer & wine. Turn left on Shore Rd., 1 mile down on the right.


Some of the best ice cream on the Cape is served right here in MB, next door to Cumberland Farms. If you love chocolate, you'll die for "Death by Chocolate!"


This is on Shore Rd. about ½ mi. before you made the sharp right hand turn into Evergreen Hill Rd. To get there from here, go left as you leave the Point and the Lobster Trap is about ½ mi. down on the left. Or, if you're adventurous, and the tide is favorable, canoe down Back River to the Lobster Trap docks (between the two bridges.) They will boil lobsters for pick-up, and have wonderful fresh fish available at their adjacent retail fish market.


The Lobster Trap remains the local favorite but is typically very busy and does not accept reservations.  You can walk, paddle or drive there.  It's best to park on this side of the Back River Bridge and walk across the bridge to the Restaurant.  Other Seafood choices include Lindsay's in Wareham and Sandy's just over the Bourne Bridge in Buzzards Bay on the rotary.

Falmouth has several good place to eat.  The Glass Onion for fine dining is excellent but pricey.  La Cucina has excellent Italian food.  The recently opened Maison Vilatte is very busy selling French pastries and sandwiches.

Ella's in Wareham (just past Lindsay's) is an excellent Italian restaurant, moderately priced, that also sells excellent wood fired pizza.

For excellent Mediterranean lunch or dinner the drive to Mashpee Mall is worth a visit to Estia and can be combined with some upscale shopping in the mall.

You'll find brochures, menus, restaurant suggestions and guides to Cape Cod attractions in the top drawer of the front hall chest or tacked to the bulletin board in the kitchen.