(click for Printable Departure CHECKLIST)

1.    Please leave the house as you found itů spotless and neat. Check out time is Sunday at 11:00am to allow cleaning for the next guest. 
2.    Clean bathrooms, including floor, sinks, toilets and shower.

3.    Wash, dry and put away all dishware, glasses, pots & pans and utensils.

4.    Clean out all shelves and bins of the refrigerator and freezer. Condiments like mustard, ketchup and mayo can be left for the next renter. (Left-over beer is always well-received!)

5.    Clean the stove. If you think the oven needs cleaning, make sure to do it the night before you leave. Use the "Auto Clean" feature and make sure the oven has completely cooled before you leave the house. (Auto Clean takes several hours and uses the highest heat the oven can produce, so if you wait until your last morning to run it, the oven won't be cool by the time you leave.)

6.    Cover the charcoal grill and leave outside.  Never try to dispose of hot coals.

7.    Double bag food garbage and take all trash to the bins in the trash garage. If you are so inclined, take excess trash home with you and dispose of it there.

8.    Wash, dry and fold any linens, towels and bathmats you may have used and return them to the marked shelves in the linen closet. Straighten the bedspreads and pillows, but leave the beds without sheets and pillowcases.

9.    Vacuum and mop the floors and shake out rugs. Please pull the furniture away from the walls to get any sand, dust and cobwebs.

10.    Sweep sand off the deck, and wipe off deck chairs and tables.

11.    Put toys, tools, beach and boating equipment back in the garage. Secure all boats to high ground (above high tide mark) and leave outhaul tied up so the line is off the ground. The dinghy can be left moored to the outhaul.

12.    Close the windows, make sure all appliances are off, turn off all lights.

13.    Secure the garage door (check that all latches are securely in place), lock the front door and kitchen door from the inside and use the keyless deadbolt to lock the rear door when you depart.