Porter Sunfish Project - 2015

We hope to raise a total of at least $1000 to replace and maintain the old, waterlogged Sunfish, which has become practically unusable.  We don't need a new one, but we do need one that can be easily moved and that can maneuver and handle normally in the water. Rather than attempting an assessment from each Porter family of $250, and in anticipation of a major house expense with flooring this year, we are asking people to donate individually and voluntarily based on their anticipated use.

We understand that some people don't use the house often and some others are not in a position to donate, but for the rest of the family we hope that you can support this worthwhile cause.  Assuming that this Sunfish will last at least 15 years, a $100 donation amounts to less than a dollar a day during your rental week each year.

All donations of any amount are appreciated. Please mail a check to me, or donate via PayPal to dbahnson@gmail.com.  I will start with my own donation of $100, and in the interest of complete transparency will keep a record of all additional donations and payments on this page.  If we are unsuccessful in reaching our goal, all donations will be returned to you.  If we exceed our goal we will use the additional funds to upgrade and possibly add to the kayak "fleet".

Thanks to ALL who are able to help!

Dave Bahnson
612 Woodward Road
Mendon, VT 05701


Dave and Linda - $100
Matt Hopkins - $100 (4/28)
Wendy Hopkins - $100 (4/28)
Tee Bahnson - $100 (4/28)
Chris and Jen Nasveschuk - $100 (4/28)
Jay Ryder - $100 (4/28)
Alfred Bahnson - $100 (4/28)
Wayne Wilkins and Kate - $100 (5/6)
Adam Bahnson - $100 (5/6 pending)
Bruce and Cheryl Buddington - $100 (5/6 )
Jenny and Adam Sacks - $100 (5/6 pending)
Annalise and Karissa Becer - $100 (5/14)
Tee Bahnson (2) - $100 (6/2)
Dave and Linda (2) - $75 (6/26)


Used Sunfish - $1000 (5/28/15)
Used tanden kayak - $475 (6/26/15)
Thanks to all of the contributors to this effort!  As an addendum, Barbara gave me this letter at our recent Board meeting.  Written in 1988 by my Dad and addressed to Mary Buddington it details an effort to acquire a Sunfish and make repairs to the old Sailfish. It highlights some of the exact same issues that continue today, and is a reminder to me about my Dad's committment and the committment of the other families to the importance of the Porter house. 

UPDATE:  June 26, 2015

Barb Bahnson found a used kayak in Cotuit (only used twice, actually) and we were able to purchase it for $475.  It's a dual purpose tandem kayak, meaning it has two seats and two paddles but is designed so that the rear seat slides into a middle position for paddling as a single.  The front seat is also removable.  It should provide additional functionality to the "fleet" at the house.  We were able to purchase it mostly with leftover funds from the donations.

The Porter Family Trust