Improvements - 2012
May (2012)

John, Blay, and Chris Nasveschuk all helped complete the bathroom project, while Wayne joined us and finished removing the vines from the south side of the house.  Tom Sederman and his crew replaced a number of shingles and replaced the window casing on the north downstairs bathroom as well some casings on the living room on that side.

In the never ending fiasco with getting the slider glass replaced, Bob Yourel finally got the correct glass and installed it, along with some new hardware, so the slider door is officially "repaired".  There are some spare parts (came as a kit) which will be stored in the attic, and he still needs to get some screen parts so that can be repaired also.

Blay spent several days repairing boats - canoe, sunfish and dinghy.  The dighy is now "blue-ish".

July (2012)

Screen hardware arrived at Morse, so I installed it and the screen works OK now.  You still need to be gentle in using it.  I bought a spare set of rollers which are also stored in the attic with the other Andersen parts.  I bought a patio umbrella to provide shade on the deck.  The base stand needs to be weighted (I was advised 5 pounds for every 1 mph of wind) and the umbrella should be closed and tied when not in use and when wind speed exceeds 15 knots.  It's easy to reposition the stand by removing the weights, which are in wooden boxes with handles, but the weights need to be replaced once moved!

Blay and I bought a 2.5 HP Yamaha outboard for the dinghy, but this is NOT for general use by the household.  We will drain fuel and store it in the attic during the summer and I'll keep it in Vermont in the winter.

September (2012)

Jen and I made a quick trip from Boston to prepare the house for Hurricane Sandy, mainly to pull up the boardwalk and place it inside.  Also had to dig up the steps and put them on the porch (which should be done every fall anyway, due to ice damage if left in the sand).  According to a friend who stopped by right after the storm, the house "looks OK", and the tide did not appear to encroach above the seewall.