1.    PLEASE… NO SMOKING inside the house. Use ashtrays outside, on the deck and on the beach.  PLEASE DON'T LEAVE BUTTS ON THE BEACH!

2.    If you build a fire in the fireplace, make sure the flue is open and the fire screen is in front of the fire at all times. Leave ashes in the fireplace after the fire is out. Replace any wood you use. If you use the house in the cooler months, please try to bring some firewood from home to help keep us stocked.
3.    Use care when cooking, both inside and outside. Make sure the stove and oven is off at night.   Always grill downwind and make sure all grill fires are completely out when finished cooking.

4.    Fire extinguishers are located in the kitchen broom closet and upstairs in the linen closet in the hall. We test the smoke detectors and put new batteries in at the beginning of each season, but if you find them disconnected for any reason (maybe someone burned something while cooking and pulled the battery so it wouldn't keep going off) please make sure to reconnect them and test them to make sure they're working. (They are hard-wired, but need batteries installed as backup.)