The front door is locked from the inside and keys are not available.  The rear door has a keyless entry with a changeable code.  Please be sure you have the current code prior to your arrival.  Contact a Board member if necessary.  This system allows you to lock the house when you're away if you wish.  We have not had a problem with intruders, but it makes sense to take precautions against theft.


There is no long-distance service for outgoing calls on the house phone. The only way to place long-distance calls on the house phone is either by using your own or a prepaid calling card or by reversing the charges (i.e. Collect Calls.) We encourage you to use your own cellphone. Prepaid calling cards are readily available at local stores should your cell reception be too weak here.

Much of Cape Cod is considered long-distance, and some areas require 10-digit dialing even though they are considered local calls. It's confusing and has changed frequently, so we suggest you refer to the local phone book for local vs. long-distance calling area questions, or just use your cellphone for all calls.


We have plenty of hot water, but a limited capacity septic tank. Outside showers are encouraged because the water doesn't flow into the septic tank. And, in an effort to reduce impact on the septic tank, please note and heed our bathroom rhyme: "In these lovely isles of sun and fun, we never flush for Number One." It may be silly, but it really helps… especially for large groups!!


Please park your cars on the side of the house by the living room facing the water. You can squeeze 4 or 5 cars in there, but just be careful not to block the road for our neighbors. While you unload your car, it's OK to park briefly on the lawn by the front door (leaving room for the Keelers' cars next door.) We prefer not to park cars here as it kills the grass and the septic tank is directly underneath your car. Please do not park across the street by the garage without receiving prior approval from the garage owner, our neighbor Wally Sherwood.


If you need linens, towels, or bathmats, there are plenty in the linen closet in the second floor hall. Blankets are in the big chest in the hall next to the linen closet. If you use any of the linens, you must wash, neatly fold, and return all linens to the marked shelves in the linen closet. Use the Laundry Center (next to Tedeschi's Market on Trowbridge Rd. by the Bourne Bridge Rotary) to wash and dry the linens.

It may be simpler and easier to bring your own linens from home!


Please replace, as needed, the house staples. These include:

Paper goods (paper towels, toilet paper, napkins)
Salt & Pepper
Coffee & Tea
Kitchen trash bags

In the spirit of our family partnership, please replace anything you break, at your expenses. If there is a question, please call a Board member.


For 2016 we are experimenting with our own dedicated, password protected internet access at the house.  We are asking for contributions to fund this on an ongoing basis.  There is a collection box in the upstairs hall and a donation of $15 to $20 per week of house use will continue to fund this in the future.  The password is located on the collection box.


Please be very careful when using the fireplace.  Always leave the screen in place when not attended, even for short periods.  Do NOT try to remove ashes after use.  Please bring or supply your own firewood.  Good dry firewood can be purchased in Monument Beach at Spencer's Nursery on Clay Pond Road, just before intersecting with Route 28 near the Dunkin Doughnuts shop.   Pondscapes on Route 28A in Cataument also sells firewood.  Both places have a variety of options for quantities, varying from a small box full, to a wheelbarrow load,  up to ¼ or ½ cords, etc.