Porter House Home Improvement Log
(For suggestions about additional projects or corrections to this page, contact Dave or another Board Member)

2019 -          House opened May 8th (Project list)
                     Cousins' Week
                     Upgraded refrigerator, move cabinets, install level runners for refrigerator
                     Re-set fireplace bricks under grate
                     Remodel outdoor shower stall and stones
                     New screens (pet strength) Mary's room, kitchen to garage door
                     Replace garage door latches
                     Wash bed spreads and mattresses

2018 -         House opened May14th. 
                    Internet service initiated
                    Bathroom window repaired
                    Shut-off valve installed for water filtration
                    Temporary fiberboard cut for deteriorating couches
                    Screening and pushbars replaced on kitchen/deck screen.
                    Martineau Brothers contacted re: storm damage to roof

2017 -         "Suki's Kitchen" project (technical notes)
                    Roofing and gable replacement, east end (Sederman)
                    All new smoke detectors
                    Oven door replaced
                    Internet service re-instituted
                    Sunfish rudder replacement (pending)
2016 -         Cousin's Week 2016
                    Scraped and painted upstairs porch, restored porch door
                    Paint upstairs hall (partial)
                    Paint east and west gables
                    Paint circuit box
                    Replace attic windows.
2015 -         Cousins' Week
                           New floors - Sederman
                           Re-do Suki's room (Benj Moore white ceiling, walls BMoore W322-1x, y3 20.5, s1 0.0, w1 11.0,  g1 0.5)
                           De-clutter attic, garage
                           Exterior trim scraped, primed, painted 1st floor, scraped and primed 2nd floor
                     New mattress pads, pillows, quilts, shams all 2nd floor bedrooms, wash mattress pads attic (donated by Suzy, Barbara).
                     New cordless blinds for Suki's room donated by Suzy Ryder Harriman.
                     Replaced kitchen door screening, closer, installed wind gust chain
                     Replaced foot rinse valve (removed self-closing valve, which was sticking partially open)
                     Attic stair post re-inforced, expandable gate installed.
                     East first floor windows replaced by Sederman (bathroom, garage).

2014 -          (Details)
                    Septic system pumped and riser installed for easier access.  Next pump out 2018 or 2019.
                    New bagless Kenmore vacuum.
                    Stairs, railings and bannister painted with Benjamin Moor floor paint.
                    Kitchen shoe mouldings installed to hold down curling linoleum.
                    Shower latch installed.
                    Kitchen utensils sorted and duplicates moved to attic for now.
                    Kayak hatch replaced with solid circle cut from plastic cutting board.
                    Kostas from Budget Blinds measured windows in Suki's room.
                    Electrical issue resolved (see details page).
                    Chris and Jen repainted downstairs hallway.  Front door reinforced with expoxy and long deck screws.
                    Canoe seats replaced.
                    Mattress replaced in Mary's room (1800mattress.com)

2013 -          Opened house - re-installed boardwalk and stairs, replaced keyless battery, entered guest code, cleaned house
                     Repaired fireplace screen (sandblasted and painted old frame, attached new screen material)
                     Replaced kitchen/deck screen
                     Repaired dinghy transom, replaced mahogany buttress
                     Repaint Porter sign
                     DONATION (Suzy) of refurbished set of Tropitone furniture that originated from Jane Ryder.

2012 -         (Photos and details page)
                    Second floor bathroom remodelling completed (details and photos).
                    Sunfish, dinghy, canoe all repaired (Blay).
                    Destructive vine removed from foundation area (Wayne).
                    Shingles replaced in shower area and front of house. (Sederman)
                    Window casings replaced on water side of first floor.  (Sederman)

2011 -       (Photos and details of projects.)
                     Repaired garage door.
                     Replaced front door screen, remodeled entry to fit door.
                     Began bathroom renovation.
                     Phone service repaired.
                     Hearth filled with polymeric sand.
                     Chimney cleaned.
                     Attic bannister installed by Tom Sederman.  Hedges trimmed.  Passed homeowner's insurance inspection.

2000 to 2010  - (Archive 1)

Phone numbers:

Steve MacNally  - 508-759-6508  (samacnally@aol.com)
Bousefield Septic - 508 888 2010    (Septic tank access diagram and 1988 Installation)
Bourne Water Supply - 508 563 2294
Larry Frawley (outhaul)  - 508 269 9143  (bzb-co@comcast.net)
Bennett Plumbing and Heating ("Mark") - 508-548-4910
Bob Yourel (Morse Lumber) - 508 858 6998
Joe Morrison (electrician, Wareham) - 508 295 6050, cell 508 274 5026 (joe.mrrsn@gmail.com)
Tom Sederman - 508 759 9050
(possible plumber - Mike Tellier 508 759 2466)
septic INSPECTOR if needed- Mike Bisiener 508 208 3356 (recommended by Bousefield)

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